In an increasingly secular age, many people feel a distinct lack of ‘spirituality’. Something is missing from their lives and little seems to assuage their thirst for a more meaningful existence. Also in this time affected by our dealings with the Covid19 virus when lockdown and isolation seem to be the name of the game, we need something to lift our spirits. Uplift Christian Fellowship (UCF) seeks to address this.

By taking two 2 hour slots on Uplift Radio each Sunday (with repeats during the week), UCF with its fresh diet of programmes endeavours to whet your appetite and to refresh your body, soul and spirit. A bold claim? Well, you’ll just have to listen to see if it’s true!

Programme Info & Times               

How To Tune In

Take up the challenge and listen in with our online community of faith. We are just ordinary people producing programmes for ordinary people – no intimidation, no money requests – just a positive uplifting message to share with the world. By listening together in our ones and twos, or even millions, we have the assurance that Jesus meets with us too. Now that’s exciting – a whole new spiritual dimension!

Further Thirst Quenchers

  • Use UCF Bible to access Daily Bible Reading Plans and Daily Devotions
  • Use UCF Podcasts to access each and previous weeks’ programmes
  • Use UCF Support to access our team for prayer, chat and the services of a BACP registered Counsellor
  • Download the UCF App on this page for instant access on the move to many of our features.
  • Visit this page regularly to access ‘The Daily Bible Text’ and ‘My Word’ nuggets
  • Visit Uplift Radio to access positive programmes and DJs all day long. it’s not a specifically Christian Station but it plays all genres, including gospel, regularly. The chat and positive comments will keep you on a high. See if it lives up to its name!
  • Tell others. Pass the uplift On.
  • Stop Press. You can now contact us not only by our UK number 0333 121 0101, but also directly from the Republic of Ireland by dialing 0766 223699.